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Adela Cojab

Adela Cojab is a Jewish activist, published authors, and JD candidate at Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School on Law. She has been a tremendous voice since the outpouring of antisemitism that followed the Hamas attack on October 7th.

In 2019, Cojab sued NYU for failing to protect Jewish students. Her case helped prompt the executive order to officially include Judaism as a protected class under Title IV of the Civil Rights Act, changing the law on a national level.

Her work has been recognized internationally, earning her designation as a Jewish Week 36 Under 36, JNS Top 40 Jewish Advocates in Latin America, and Top 50 Pro-Israel Influencers of 2021.

Cojab is a proud Syrian-Lebanese Jew, born in Mexico and raised in Deal, NJ, she graduated from Hillel Yeshivah High School and New York University.