Social Media Literacy

Social media is one of the greatest challenges facing our community today. We are consuming more news faster than ever, and using viral content to make decisions. The last year or so has proven how quickly news can travel and lead to panic and uncertainty. Between misleading headlines, video clips without context, and false news stories, social media can have a real and dangerous impact on the very fabric of our community. It is for this reason that the SCA has committed to taking on this challenge.

As an organization, we aim to bring context to misleading headlines or share the facts when faced with falsities. We rely on different professionals – from doctors and educators to rabbis, politicians and lay leaders – to present content and provide context that can be shared with the community, whether it be related to health, politics, or the climate in Israel.

Additionally, we are working on a Social Media Literacy program for teachers and parents. We plan to provide access to resources and tools that will enable and empower our young adults to understand the content being offered.

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