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"How Well Do You Know Israel?!"

"How Well Do You Know Israel?!" is a weekly series of multiple choice questions about Israel written by Mrs. Esther Tokayer, Associate Principal of Magen David Yeshivah Joe & Celia Esses High School. The questions range from the history of the land to current events, to advocacy tips and fun facts -- and everything in between. Each week's quiz ends off with an open-ended question that you can share on your Shabbat table to help facilitate a dynamic conversation about our homeland.

Antisemitsm, Explained

As part of our commitment to educating and preparing young adults to combat antisemitism, the SCA has co-sponsored Antisemitism, Explained, a new series produced by media company OpenDor Media. Antisemitism, Explained is a six-part video series that digs into the historical roots of antisemitism and how it affects Jewish identity and global events. Written by award-winning journalist Yair Rosenberg, the series explores how to identify antisemitic threats that are outside our control, and inspires the confidence to stand up against them.

SCA Young Adult Israel Advocacy Programming Generously Sponsored by Ezra S. & Sharyn Ashkenazi


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