Resources and Tools for Jewish Students on Campus

Being a Jew and Zionist on campus today has its challenges. The SCA established its OnCampus division to help prepare our high school age youth for their college experience and to be a resource for them while there. We have year round programming on topics such as: know your rights, Israel advocacy, social media literacy, misinformation, college activism, and finding confidence in your identity. Below are a series of links to resources that help keep your college experience positive: Find out which teachers and students to avoid because of their antisemitic views, which student organizations are hateful, which schools are safer and which are less so. If you think you may have been the victim of bias or antisemitism report the incident below and we will review it. The SCA understands the challenges you may have and we are here for you.

Working together with community schools, affiliates, Rabbis, and national resource partners we equip them with the tools to navigate these issues.

Antisemitsm, Explained

As part of our commitment to educating and preparing young adults to combat antisemitism, the SCA has co-sponsored Antisemitism, Explained, a new series produced by media company OpenDor Media. Antisemitism, Explained is a six-part video series that digs into the historical roots of antisemitism and how it affects Jewish identity and global events. Written by award-winning journalist Yair Rosenberg, the series explores how to identify antisemitic threats that are outside our control, and inspires the confidence to stand up against them.

Videos with our partners

Young Adult Programs

Report antisemitic incidents for review by our attorney.