Sephardic Pride & Identity

The Sephardic Jews have a long and storied history in the middle-east. Despite Conquering armies; from the Romans and Assyrians to the Ottomans and the British, The Jewish People maintained a continuous presence in the region beginning as far back as the Kingdom of David through to modern day Israel.

The unique experience of The Sephardic Jew created a tradition of engaging and building the society in which they live, while preserving their traditions and values.  The SCA is committed to preserving this Sephardic approach by offering educational programs about our history, traditions, as well as Torah programs taught in the tradition of the Sephardic sages of the past.

The SCA puts an emphasis on our responsibility to continue our contributions to the broader Jewish People, The State of Israel, and the world, and highlights various Sephardic Jews from the past and present as examples for our young people to aspire to, and that embody the Sephardic way of life.