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A three day retreat for High School seniors

Prepare - Educate - Advocate

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“Boot CampUs is a few days of fun, learning, understanding your Jewish heritage, learning about issues the Israel and the Jewish community faces. It’s about being empowered and emboldened!”
-Julian Coakley, Sephardic Division Director, AIPAC


“The relationships I made these 3 days will last a lifetime and leaving felt like saying goodbye to childhood friends. I implore all students to take this opportunity. We must take it upon ourselves to find ways to join the fight, and the SCA’s Boot CampUs offers us a wide range of paths to choose.”
-Noah Levy, Hillel HS


“There’s a lot that other communities can learn from you, as you’re a leader and trailblazing community in the Jewish world”
-Avi Posen, OpenDor Media


“There was not a moment on this trip that wasn’t enjoyed, and I mean that with no exaggeration. Before the conference, when encountered with hate, my instinct was to turn the other way. If felt like I was fighting antisemitism alone; however, I now know that there is a global community backing me up.”
-Jessica Saadia, Yeshiva of Flatbush HS


“Thank you for the privilage of having me part of this very special program. I was really moved by the teenagers and their curiosity and obvious intelligence. The future is bright indeed (B’H).”
-Dr. Mijal Bitton, Shalom Hartman Institute


“For me, going on the SCA BootCampUs retreat was memorable because it taught topics relevant to high school seniors in entertaining and though provoking ways, while also providing opportunities for fun.”
-Carol Tawil, Magen David Yeshivah HS


“The students we met were incredible. Tou gathered a great group and organized something really special.”
-Rena Nasar, StandWithUs

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BootCampUs 2023 Photo Gallery:

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    • What does expertise look like? Can I ever know enough?
    • Learning the proper response: When to defend & when to disengage with confidence.
    • Navigating different conversations about Israel in the classroom, online, or the real world.
    • How to become involved on your college campus in regard to Israel


    • How does my Sephardic and Jewish identity fit into my new surroundings?
    • How to approach my new surroundings from a place of strength rather than a place of anxiety and fear
    • How to embrace our uniqueness & balance that with social acceptance.


    • Differentiating between ignorance & bigotry, when to converse & when to disengage.
    • Recognizing when something is actionable vs. upsetting.
    • What are the right steps to take in the face of antisemitism? Who to turn to?
    • How to feel & remain safe while also holding true to my Jewish identity.
    • How do I respond when I identify with the underlying values of a movement that is contradictory to my other beliefs?


    • Recognizing bias on various media platforms.
    • Sharpening critical thinking skills.
    • How to navigate opposing viewpoints

DISCOURSE ON THE COLLEGE CAMPUS & BEYOND: Wokeism, QAnon, Cancel Culture & Conspiracy Theory

    • What kind of culture & political atmosphere will our students encounter when they enter the college campus?
    • The truth behind conspiracy theories on both ends of the political spectrum.
    • The complexities of the discourse in the college classrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price for this retreat?

  • FREE! The SCA Is covering the full expense of their retreat so that you can attend this important event at no charge.
  • We will however charge your credit card $500 if you cancel and can not attend.

Who is eligible to attend?

  • High School Seniors, Class of 2023 only

Who will be catering the retreat?

  • All meals will be fully catered by the retreat and are under Star K kashrut supervision

Will I/my child be excused from school?

  • Yes, you are excused. Check with your school administrator for your schools details!

Is transportation provided?

  • Yes, from both Brooklyn and Deal

Will there be minyanim?

  • Of course, we will have prayers three times a day

Will we have time to relax or have fun?

  • Yes- although the bulk of the retreat will be educational, there will be a lot of time for relaxation and socializing

I don't see my school above, can I still apply?

  • We have a limited number of spots for the retreat. First priority is given to our affiliate and partners schools. However, we invite you to apply if you attend another school, and will notify you should we be able to make an accommodation.

What is the deadline to apply?

  • March 15, 2024 

What is the dress code?

  • Please stick to your HS dress code while on this retreat.

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