Bridge The Gap: An Exceptional Program for Students Studying in Israel for the Year

Sponsored by Ronny and Toby Hersh


On Monday March 13th, over 70 community young adults studying in Israel joined the SCA “Bridge the Gap” program. The day began with prayers and breakfast at the Inbal Hotel followed by 3 remarkable sessions. Aaron Shasha, SCA young adult program director, held a workshop addressing students concerns about adjusting to life back at home and how to continue their growth. “For the Sake of Argument” lead an engaging discussion on tools and skills to use when talking to those you disagree with. Finally, Avi Posen, from Jewish Unpacked, spoke about how to reconcile with difficult topics in Israel’s past. After a delicious lunch and a break for minha, the real the fun began! We rode into the desert where Rabbi David Zeit spoke about the relevance of our location in the Tanach. We then broke up into teams and played laser tag in the desert. Participants had to strategize and use their team building skills to secure a victory! It’s so special having all these young adults connecting and bonding together. We wrapped up with a bang – a BBQ celebration in the desert! Following Arbit, we set out on an evening hike that led us to a surprise final destination where we enjoyed delicious food and danced the night away. Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this unforgettable experience happen!

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“The SCA Bridge the Gap program provided the perfect balance between meaningful discussions to help prepare these young adults for their future as well as fun and engaging team building activities to help them grow as a group.”
-Rabbi Edward Benjamin, Director of Student Activities at Moreshet Yerushalayim


“We had an amazing opportunity to have all the community members studying in Israel for the year in one room. It was a jam packed, fun and informative day! It was so nice to be with everyone and such a special experience.”
-Lynn Franco, Midreshet Torah Chessed


“The SCA program was very balanced and well-run. The discussion groups and speakers were engaging, informative, and educational. The trips were a lot of fun, capped off by an amazing BBQ and dancing, uniting Syrians learning in various yeshivot in Israel.”
-Rabbi David Shamula, Senior Ra’m at Yeshivat Torah Shraga


“This was a great opportunity for all the different seminaries and yeshivot to come together. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it.”
-Jessica Saadia,  Midreshet Moriah


“The SCA day afforded students an important opportunity to reflect on what they had learned throughout the year. In addition, students were encouraged to strategize future plans to maintain their growth.”
-Mrs. Miriam Tawil, Founder and Director Midreshet Eshel


“The Topics we covered were though provoking and inspiring to me. The trip was incredible! Genuinely one of the highlights of my year. Thank you for Having us.”
-David Braha, Yeshivat Torat Shraga

"Bridge the Gap" in the Press: Image Magazine April 2023

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