COVID Response

The SCA is an organization that operates at the intersection of our community institutions, Rabbinic and lay leadership, and the community at large. Historically this coordination is used to develop educational programming, receive feedback on areas needing to be addressed on a community wide basis, and launching new initiatives. This same structure allowed the SCA to be well positioned to coordinate a community wide response when the Covid crisis emerged. The SCA quickly organized a platform of over 150 community healthcare professionals to share data and experiences at a time when there was much confusion, and which remains active today. Smaller advisory boards were established by the SCA, constituting doctors with various and relevant backgrounds, to help develop health guidance for our communities in NY, NJ, and Florida. We also created a network of patient advocates that helped our community access lifesaving medical treatments. We worked closely and on an ongoing basis with our Rabbis to address the many Halachic questions that arose during the pandemic.

We believe the coordinated work of our community’s countless professionals, leaders, and institutions resulted in many lives saved.

While we look forward to the day when this kind of effort is no longer necessary, we will maintain this platform until then. Beyond Covid, the SCA will maintain its capability to react should other crises emerge that require the same broad, coordinated, and rapid response.

Current COVID Travel Guidelines

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